Dan Moriarty Teaches UCLA Sports Biz Students to ‘Own The Room’

Monday afternoon brought an exciting change of pace to the UCLA Sports Biz class.  Mr. Dan Moriarty, lead coach at industry leading communications firm, “Own The Dan Moriarty 1 2018Room,” visited the class to discuss the importance of delivery in public speaking.  Mr. Moriarty’s background includes broadcast journalism – where he interviewed Hall of Fame athletes including Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe, as well as US Presidential candidate, John Kerry.  He has also appeared on hit television series Full House, 90210, Who’s the Boss? , and was the host of NHL Cool Shots for several years on behalf of the National Hockey League. In other words, Dan is well qualified to teach a group of aspiring business leaders how to engage an audience.

7 percent.  38 percent.  55 percent.  These numbers represent the proportions of a lecture an audience will remember.  That is, 7 percent is the actual content; 38 percent is your tone, and 55 percent is your body language.  As Mr. Moriarty explained, the content of a speech is king, but audiences will not remember your content if it does not stand out.  Your delivery of that content – through tone and in your body language – is HOW people will remember the content.  His point was that we, as the speaker, must strategically plan how we deliver the important content.  What do we want the audience to remember?  What point are we trying to get across?  And finally, how are we going to make it resonate?

The UCLA Anderson Center for Managing the Enterprise in Media, Entertainment, and Sports would like to express its gratitude to Mr. Moriarty for sharing his expertise on Monday, July 23rd.  This sort of exposure and instruction is just one example of the competitive edge the UCLA Sports Biz students are given.  Students do not get this kind of ‘real-life’ practical education just anywhere.

Dan Moriarty 2 2018


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